Things to see and do in Scotland

Scotland’s epic coastline, charming cities and rural landscapes are simply overflowing with things to see and do, offering a vast variety of attractions to keep you inspired and entertained throughout your stay. The following list provides a small snapshot of some of Scotland’s best bits, allowing you to delve into its majestic heart and enjoy the country at its very best.


From touristic powerhouses such as the fortifications of Edinburgh and Stirling to lesser known gems such as the fairytale towers at Craigievar, Scotland boasts some of the world’s most magnificent strongholds. Visitors with a penchant for dramatic ruins perched on the water’s edge should check out the picture perfect Eilean Donan or the magnificent Dunnottar Castle, whilst those seeking architectural masterpieces need to add the sublime Dunrobin Castle and the Royal Family’s spectacular Balmoral to their list.


Nothing quite sums up the image of Scotland than a vast, glittering lake encased by thick woodland and rolling hills. Home to thousands of lochs comprising all shapes and sizes, a tour around some of the country’s best water features is well worth the effort. Highlights include the world famous Loch Ness with its illustrious resident, the popular Loch Lomond, the quintessential Loch Awe and the hidden gem of Loch Rusky.


Exploring at least one of Scotland’s captivating islands is a must for any first time traveller. Ranging from remote refuges to tourist enclaves, the isles are home to pristine beaches, colourful communities, cascading waterfalls, countless bird and animal species, and everything in between. The magical backdrop of Skye is by far the most well-known, although the Isles of Jura, Iona, Arran and Islay are all equally enchanting.

Cultural Attractions

Aside from its natural beauty, Scotland hosts a superb collection of cultural wonders to grant a break from the great outdoors. Top picks include Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland with its epic collections, stunning setting and fantastic roof terrace views, North Berwick’s National Museum of Flight, home of course of the iconic Concord, and Glasgow’s wonderful People’s Palace and Winter Gardens.

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