Scotland’s Most Popular Attractions

Adored by the tourist crowds and renowned the world over, the following collection showcases Scotland’s most popular attractions, each and every one a must for all first time visitors.

Edinburgh Castle1024px-edinburgh_castle_rock

Dominating the capital’s skyline for centuries, the iconic Edinburgh Castle remains Scotland’s most visited paid attraction. This emblematic institute towers above the city atop an extinct volcano, basking in all its historical, architectural and military glory and welcoming droves of admirers each year.

Arthur’s Seat

Another staple on Edinburgh’s tourist trail, this 250 metre high peak rewards fit ramblers with stunning panoramic views across the capital. Situated in the heart of the city, Arthur’s Seat and its surrounding parklands offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle and a picturesque spot for a sunset picnic.

Ben Nevis

Another highlight not for the faint hearted, the UK’s highest mountain makes the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. The strenuous climb affords incredible vistas along the route, culminating in a rewarding summit over 1300 metres above sea level. A delightful cable car ride is also available, which offers a relaxing alternative in the foothills of the neighbouring Fort William.

Loch Ness

Scotland is home to a plethora of beautiful lakes, although Loch Ness is perhaps the most well-known due to its infamous aquatic monster. Situated 20 miles south of Inverness, this deep, fresh water loch blends spectacular scenery with castle ruins and a magical atmosphere. Nessie fans can also explore the lake’s dark waters and what lurks beneath on a series of fascinating boat trips.

Stirling Castle

The striking Stirling Castle is an absolute must for history lovers, with its imposing façade, beautifully restored architecture and absorbing past. Often regarded as Scotland’s favourite castle, this evocative venue is best explored through the free guided tour, as the excellent staff bring the fortification to life with vigour and imagination.

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