Holidaying in Scotland

Scotland is a worthwhile destination for travellers from across the globe, rewarding its visitors with epic landscapes, charming villages, historic landmarks and a hospitable welcome. The following information has been compiled for your pleasure and convenience to ensure an unforgettable Scottish adventure.

The Essence of dsc02472_1280_851_65_s_c1Scotland

Forming part of the UK yet still fiercely independent, Scotland is home to 5 million inhabitants and lies very far north, with some parts of the land situated closer to the arctic circle than to London. The country features thousands of enchanting islands, the majority of which can be found off the west coast, with the two popular isles of Orkney and Shetland bordering the northern shores. The country is renowned for its unpredictable weather, so be prepared for plenty of rain and cold temperatures even during the summer months. Despite its often unforgiving climate, there is nothing quite like a Scottish sunny day, which more than makes up for its wetter periods.

Traversing the Spectacular Scenery

Travelling around the country is one of its many joys, offering glimpses of rugged outcrops, glistening lakes and crumbling ruins as you weave around lochs and glens. Hiring a car or bringing your own comes highly recommended for experiencing Scotland’s treasured nature at its best, although public transport will transfer you between the mainland’s cities and towns with ease. Ferries are available for visitors wishing to explore the country’s collection of islands, with regular services running throughout the year.

Accommodation and Dining

The directory provides an extensive look into the various lodgings available throughout the land, which range from luxurious retreats to cosy cottages, ensuring a holiday home to suit your particular taste and budget. Whilst not noted internationally for its cuisine, Scotland produces fresh ingredients thanks to its abundant reserves, tempting foodies with quality Angus beef and mouth-watering Scottish salmon. Of course, its whisky is celebrated the world over, with countless distilleries on hand to offer up a taste of its precious national beverage.

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