A Guide to Planning a Small Beach Wedding in Scotland

A stunning backdrop is what you envision for your wedding, and whether you’re traveling from across the globe or you live in the country, you and your partner have decided that a beach wedding in Scotland is the perfect fit. Scotland is a charming country with plenty of things to do. When you want to have this location and keep it small, you should take some tips into consideration.

A perfect wedding

Assess the Weather

No matter how much you want all of the wedding-day events to take place on the beach, you can’t control the weather. However, you can take steps to ensure a better chance of a pleasant day. Sitting down to analyse the general weather patterns in the part of Scotland where you want to marry is wise. In addition to looking at the average temperature for the month in which you wish to marry, you should also take the precipitation into account.

Have a Back-up Plan

Even if you choose to marry during a month that is known for its gorgeous weather, you don’t have a guarantee that the sun and skies will follow through with your plans. When couples are planning an outdoor wedding, they always need to have a back-up plan. A tent is generally not enough since even they cannot stand the most serious of weather conditions. One way to tackle this issue is to book the celebration with a reception venue on the beach that has both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Remember the Ceremony

Getting caught up in visions of your guests dancing near the water is easy, but you don’t want to forget about the most important part of the day, which is the ceremony. Some wedding packages may include officiants for the ceremony. Of course, if you are planning to have a religious or spiritual ceremony, you will want to find out if the officiants can perform those types of marriages. On top of that, your faith may preclude you from marrying outdoors, so you might have to wed in a house of worship and then choose the best wedding venue for your reception.

Involve the Guests

When you are planning a small beach wedding, you have an opportunity to involve guests in a way that partners planning larger soirees do not. For example, if you are having the ceremony on the sand, you may want to ask all of the guests to sit around you in a circle. Another option is to have each guest participate in a part of the ceremony. They might distribute programs, do readings or sing songs. How you choose to involve your guests partially depends upon how you define a small wedding. A celebration of 50 people is small to some, and involving 50 guests in
your ceremony would probably not work out.

Welcome Your Guests

Many small beach weddings are destination weddings. If that is the case with yours, provide your guests with welcome bags when they arrive. In these bags, you can give them essentials for the trip, and you can also provide them with a list of activities and restaurants in the area. Hosting a dinner for everyone on the night that they arrive is a generous action to take. Doing so shows your guests that you appreciate their traveling for you.

Planning a small beach wedding in Scotland is an intimate and beautiful way to celebrate your love, and these tips will help you to smooth out the process.

About the author: This post was contributed by Fonthip Ward, a small business owner and writer. She writes for many travel companies including Beach Republic, the best venue for a perfect wedding on Koh Samui, Thailand