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A Guide to Planning a Small Beach Wedding in Scotland

A stunning backdrop is what you envision for your wedding, and whether you’re traveling from across the globe or you live in the country, you and your partner have decided that a beach wedding in Scotland is the perfect fit. Scotland is a charming country with plenty of things to do. When you want to have this location and keep it small, you should take some tips into consideration.

A perfect wedding

Assess the Weather

No matter how much you want all of the wedding-day events to take place on the beach, you can’t control the weather. However, you can take steps to ensure a better chance of a pleasant day. Sitting down to analyse the general weather patterns in the part of Scotland where you want to marry is wise. In addition to looking at the average temperature for the month in which you wish to marry, you should also take the precipitation into account.

Have a Back-up Plan

Even if you choose to marry during a month that is known for its gorgeous weather, you don’t have a guarantee that the sun and skies will follow through with your plans. When couples are planning an outdoor wedding, they always need to have a back-up plan. A tent is generally not enough since even they cannot stand the most serious of weather conditions. One way to tackle this issue is to book the celebration with a reception venue on the beach that has both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Remember the Ceremony

Getting caught up in visions of your guests dancing near the water is easy, but you don’t want to forget about the most important part of the day, which is the ceremony. Some wedding packages may include officiants for the ceremony. Of course, if you are planning to have a religious or spiritual ceremony, you will want to find out if the officiants can perform those types of marriages. On top of that, your faith may preclude you from marrying outdoors, so you might have to wed in a house of worship and then choose the best wedding venue for your reception.

Involve the Guests

When you are planning a small beach wedding, you have an opportunity to involve guests in a way that partners planning larger soirees do not. For example, if you are having the ceremony on the sand, you may want to ask all of the guests to sit around you in a circle. Another option is to have each guest participate in a part of the ceremony. They might distribute programs, do readings or sing songs. How you choose to involve your guests partially depends upon how you define a small wedding. A celebration of 50 people is small to some, and involving 50 guests in
your ceremony would probably not work out.

Welcome Your Guests

Many small beach weddings are destination weddings. If that is the case with yours, provide your guests with welcome bags when they arrive. In these bags, you can give them essentials for the trip, and you can also provide them with a list of activities and restaurants in the area. Hosting a dinner for everyone on the night that they arrive is a generous action to take. Doing so shows your guests that you appreciate their traveling for you.

Planning a small beach wedding in Scotland is an intimate and beautiful way to celebrate your love, and these tips will help you to smooth out the process.

About the author: This post was contributed by Fonthip Ward, a small business owner and writer. She writes for many travel companies including Beach Republic, the best venue for a perfect wedding on Koh Samui, Thailand

Planning a tour around Scotland

Scotland has much to offer in tdnews-files-2013-10-loch-ness-670x440-131016-jpghe way of scenery. To go there for anything other than seeing the majesty of nature’s ability would be a waste of resources. Often, you’ll find the recommendation to go on your vacation to a country in the summer. That doesn’t apply to Scotland. There is no summer, save for one day in the year. Don’t let that discourage you, because there are plenty of reasons to visit the cold isles. If you are planning to visit Scotland soon, do try the following few things:

Loch Ness

You might have heard of the monster that supposedly roams the river. When you visit, you will find an abundance of tourists’ monster hunting. If that isn’t your cup of tea, the scenery itself is enough to keep you in the majestic awe.

Isle of Skye

In the most Northern part of Scotland, you can visit the Isle of Skye. The mountains and rocky plains are a true testament to the beauty the world has to offer.


There is rarely anything more Scottish than whiskey. It would be a crime to not visit one of the many Highland Whiskey Distilleries scattered around the Scottish lands.

Jacobite Steam Train

Harry Potter fans will find this one a treat. Ride the Jacobite steam train, the same train that took the wizard students to Hogwarts, through the lush Scottish through the Scottish mountains and feasts your eyes on some of the most beautiful views the country has to offer.


Haggis may not be every person’s favorite meal. It might even be the bane of many people’s existence. For the few, however, this is a delicacy that should not be missed. Taste true Scottish cuisine with a spoon full of sheep’s pluck (heart, liver, and lungs); minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach.

Scotland is not, by any means, condensed to just these activities. There is much more the country has to offer that you can easily stumble on with the help of the friendly people it houses.

Holidaying in Scotland

Scotland is a worthwhile destination for travellers from across the globe, rewarding its visitors with epic landscapes, charming villages, historic landmarks and a hospitable welcome. The following information has been compiled for your pleasure and convenience to ensure an unforgettable Scottish adventure.

The Essence of dsc02472_1280_851_65_s_c1Scotland

Forming part of the UK yet still fiercely independent, Scotland is home to 5 million inhabitants and lies very far north, with some parts of the land situated closer to the arctic circle than to London. The country features thousands of enchanting islands, the majority of which can be found off the west coast, with the two popular isles of Orkney and Shetland bordering the northern shores. The country is renowned for its unpredictable weather, so be prepared for plenty of rain and cold temperatures even during the summer months. Despite its often unforgiving climate, there is nothing quite like a Scottish sunny day, which more than makes up for its wetter periods.

Traversing the Spectacular Scenery

Travelling around the country is one of its many joys, offering glimpses of rugged outcrops, glistening lakes and crumbling ruins as you weave around lochs and glens. Hiring a car or bringing your own comes highly recommended for experiencing Scotland’s treasured nature at its best, although public transport will transfer you between the mainland’s cities and towns with ease. Ferries are available for visitors wishing to explore the country’s collection of islands, with regular services running throughout the year.

Accommodation and Dining

The directory provides an extensive look into the various lodgings available throughout the land, which range from luxurious retreats to cosy cottages, ensuring a holiday home to suit your particular taste and budget. Whilst not noted internationally for its cuisine, Scotland produces fresh ingredients thanks to its abundant reserves, tempting foodies with quality Angus beef and mouth-watering Scottish salmon. Of course, its whisky is celebrated the world over, with countless distilleries on hand to offer up a taste of its precious national beverage.

Things to see and do in Scotland

Scotland’s epic coastline, charming cities and rural landscapes are simply overflowing with things to see and do, offering a vast variety of attractions to keep you inspired and entertained throughout your stay. The following list provides a small snapshot of some of Scotland’s best bits, allowing you to delve into its majestic heart and enjoy the country at its very best.


From touristic powerhouses such as the fortifications of Edinburgh and Stirling to lesser known gems such as the fairytale towers at Craigievar, Scotland boasts some of the world’s most magnificent strongholds. Visitors with a penchant for dramatic ruins perched on the water’s edge should check out the picture perfect Eilean Donan or the magnificent Dunnottar Castle, whilst those seeking architectural masterpieces need to add the sublime Dunrobin Castle and the Royal Family’s spectacular Balmoral to their list.


Nothing quite sums up the image of Scotland than a vast, glittering lake encased by thick woodland and rolling hills. Home to thousands of lochs comprising all shapes and sizes, a tour around some of the country’s best water features is well worth the effort. Highlights include the world famous Loch Ness with its illustrious resident, the popular Loch Lomond, the quintessential Loch Awe and the hidden gem of Loch Rusky.


Exploring at least one of Scotland’s captivating islands is a must for any first time traveller. Ranging from remote refuges to tourist enclaves, the isles are home to pristine beaches, colourful communities, cascading waterfalls, countless bird and animal species, and everything in between. The magical backdrop of Skye is by far the most well-known, although the Isles of Jura, Iona, Arran and Islay are all equally enchanting.

Cultural Attractions

Aside from its natural beauty, Scotland hosts a superb collection of cultural wonders to grant a break from the great outdoors. Top picks include Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland with its epic collections, stunning setting and fantastic roof terrace views, North Berwick’s National Museum of Flight, home of course of the iconic Concord, and Glasgow’s wonderful People’s Palace and Winter Gardens.

Scotland’s Most Popular Attractions

Adored by the tourist crowds and renowned the world over, the following collection showcases Scotland’s most popular attractions, each and every one a must for all first time visitors.

Edinburgh Castle1024px-edinburgh_castle_rock

Dominating the capital’s skyline for centuries, the iconic Edinburgh Castle remains Scotland’s most visited paid attraction. This emblematic institute towers above the city atop an extinct volcano, basking in all its historical, architectural and military glory and welcoming droves of admirers each year.

Arthur’s Seat

Another staple on Edinburgh’s tourist trail, this 250 metre high peak rewards fit ramblers with stunning panoramic views across the capital. Situated in the heart of the city, Arthur’s Seat and its surrounding parklands offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle and a picturesque spot for a sunset picnic.

Ben Nevis

Another highlight not for the faint hearted, the UK’s highest mountain makes the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. The strenuous climb affords incredible vistas along the route, culminating in a rewarding summit over 1300 metres above sea level. A delightful cable car ride is also available, which offers a relaxing alternative in the foothills of the neighbouring Fort William.

Loch Ness

Scotland is home to a plethora of beautiful lakes, although Loch Ness is perhaps the most well-known due to its infamous aquatic monster. Situated 20 miles south of Inverness, this deep, fresh water loch blends spectacular scenery with castle ruins and a magical atmosphere. Nessie fans can also explore the lake’s dark waters and what lurks beneath on a series of fascinating boat trips.

Stirling Castle

The striking Stirling Castle is an absolute must for history lovers, with its imposing façade, beautifully restored architecture and absorbing past. Often regarded as Scotland’s favourite castle, this evocative venue is best explored through the free guided tour, as the excellent staff bring the fortification to life with vigour and imagination.

Scotland’s Best B&Bs

Renowned for its rugged beauty, charming cities, vibrant history and friendly locals, Scotland makes the perfect choice for a memorable break. Exploring the country’s epic coastline, treasured islands and everything in between is simply a must for travellers desiring an untamed setting littered with raw gems.vs-seafood1

Choosing the right accommodation for your stay can be a tough task with the seemingly endless options available online. To make life a little easier, feel free to explore the user friendly directory of the best B&Bs in the country to help you connect with your ideal Scottish base. With more and more visitors foregoing generic hotels in favour of more unique and authentic lodgings, the range of possibilities to ensure an unforgettable holiday is constantly growing. Whether you are looking for a romantic city hideaway or a spacious retreat for the whole family, the collection is sure to provide inspiration and aid your booking journey.

Aside from the compilation of listings, the website also offers valuable information regarding Scotland’s best bits, allowing you to tailor your trip to your individual budget and needs. You can read more about the country itself and its most popular attractions, which range from breathtaking lakes and secluded beaches to fascinating museums and spectacular castles. Why not combine a visit to the enchanting capital of Edinburgh with a tour of Scotland’s captivating islands to complete a holiday worth remembering. The website also suggests several recommendations undiscovered by the tourist crowds, such as the West’s largest Buddhist temple and the Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye, enabling a more rewarding experience for you and your companions.

With its detailed accommodation directory, top tips for visiting the country and valuable insider info, all you need and more can be found in the following pages to ensure your Scotland adventure exceeds your expectations.